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Welcome to the Lahore College of Theology Online Training Platform

by Super Admin -

Welcome to the Learning Management System (LMS) for the Lahore College of Theology

This teaching resource has been provided only to the students of the Lahore College of Theology, it is our hope that the students will actively participate in all discussions, following the rules of discussion to be respectful of all views of your fellow students.

It is our hope that all students will endeavour to make this tool a valuable reference library, teaching facility and conversation starter to grow your knowledge, and depth of understanding when dealing with issues faced by our community in the light of the Living Word of God. 

Please keep in mind:

  1. The Word of God (The Bible) is our foundation
  2. All people are valuable
  3. We are a prayer centered community
  4. The suffering of the world is important to God - that persecution for our faith is an inherent part of this journey.
  5. We live and learn by faith and are stewards of our resources. 
  6. The Great Commission is inseparable from the Call to obedience on our lives.  
  7. Everything we do is to the glory of God. 

'Go therefore and Make Disciples'.